Enclosed rotary cam switch 7GN series, changeover switch 3 poles 25A in plastic enclosure 75X75mm with black handle
  • Type of product: Changeover switches
  • Switching diagram: 53 - Changeover switch 3 poles - 2 speed motor starting with separate windings
  • IEC Conventional free air thermal current Ith [A]: 25
  • Mounting form: P - Plastic enclosure with black handle
  • Series: 7GN - round-shaped contact block
Order code 7GN2553P
Weight [g] 307
Qty. per package 1
Multiple qty. of packs per order 1
Package dimensions [mm] 086X086X125
Volume [cm³] 924.5
Bar code [EAN13] 3850144004931
HS Code 85365080